Bird Houses & Nest Boxes

We are proud to provide bird lovers a wonderful range of wooden bird houses in a all styles and natural finishes, so there is always a bird nest to match the decor and furniture in your garden. Wooden birdhouses come in all shapes and sizes and will attract birds into your garden. Although most kind of bird houses attract all sorts of birds, you can target different species from tits, house and tree sparrows, starlings, robins, and house martins to your nest box depending on the design of your chosen bird house and nest box. [PHOTO GALLERY]

Bird Feeders

Bird FeedersProvide your feathered friends a unique bird feeder offering delicious food when they visit your garden. Handcrafted wooden bird feeder styles include hanging bird feeders, table bird feeders and hang on the wall feeders. But of course the choice is up to you. Natural wooden bird feeders look nice in all gardens as they provide a natural look in the garden. You can buy bird food which will attract many breeds of wild birds. Most commonly used bird food include bird seed mixtures, sunflower seeds, and peanuts for attracting the widest range of species. [PHOTO GALLERY]

Bird Tables

Bird tables are a highly recommended product when feeding birds in your garden. The large table base provides plenty of room for birds to stand and feed well keeping an eye out for predators. Handmade wooden bird tables come with either a stand or a hook to hang off a tree or wall bracket. Stand bird tables can be placed anywhere in your garden but ideally in the centre of the lawn so there’s no obstacles in the way and is clear from predators. Bird tables for brackets look great on your house wall or shed, and hanging from a tree. [PHOTO GALLERY]